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First time varifocals? Read this!

If you’re new to progressive lenses you may need a little time to get used to them. We expect this. It’s completely normal.

Progressive lenses will slightly alter your peripheral vision, due to power changes that occur at the edges of the lenses. This initial difference in peripheral vision will be helped by following these tips.

Sensitivity to this area of the lens will diminish with time as you get used to your new lenses.

These 4 tips will help you adjust quickly and comfortably to your new lenses:

1) Do not interchange between your old and new spectacles.

2) To look at an object, turn your head (instead of your eyes) towards it. Point your nose in the direction of the object you wish to see. Move you head vertically until the object glides into focus.

3) If you look down, especially when on the move, remember it's normal to see the floor magnified.

4) For best results when reading, rest your chin on your chest, and gradually raise your head upwards, until your vision becomes clear.

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