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Framed Opticians London and Manchester

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Framed Opticians currently offers NHS* and Private services. Below is a menu of our Private service fees.

Private Eye Examination £45.00

Contact Lens Fitting Appointment £45.00

Contact Lens Aftercare Appointment £45.00

Retinal Photography £15.00

Dry Eye Assessment £50.00

Dry Eye Follow-up £35.00

Red-Eye Assessment £45.00

Blepharitis Check-up £20.00

Private Interim IOP Check-up £20.00

Private Interim Visual Fields Check-up £20.00

*Chorlton is a private only practice

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395 Saint John St
Angel, London EC1V 4LD

call: 0207 837 9418 show map
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1-3 St Ann's Passage
King St, Manchester M2 6AB

call: 0161 839 6753

113 Beech Road
Chorlton, Manchester M21 9EQ

call: 0161 881 5250 show map