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Healthy Diet for Healthy Eyes

Healthy Diet for Healthy Eyes

These days, we all know that we should be eating a healthy balanced diet. But did you know that your future eye health can be dependent on getting the right balance of micronutrients?

Our Optician team, has been taking a look at what are the essential elements for optimal eye health

As a population, we are living longer, and enjoying life well into our 70's 80's and 90's. In order to keep our eyes in the best state to keep enjoying our vision, we need to take a balanced approach to our diet, and micronutrient intake. The ageing process on our eyes takes two main forms: Cataracts, and AMD (Age related macula Degeneration). Studies have shown, that both these processes can be slowed down by improving the micronutrients we include in our Diet.

So what's the magic formula?

According a study called AREDS2, this is the combination to include daily:

Vitamin C - 500mg

Vitamin E - 400 International Units

Lutein - 10mg

Zeaxanthin - 2mg

Zinc - 80mg

Copper - 2mg

However there is another micronutrient called Meso-Zeaxanthin which when 10mg is also added to the above formula, was proven to not only improve visual function, but also play a role in the improvement of cognitive brain function (Alzheimer's Disease).

There are many supplements on the market, however with the right formula, you will be doing the best you can for your future self!

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