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Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy

Staff Protections from Customers:

1. **Harassment and Discrimination**: Employees have the right to work in an environment free from harassment or discrimination by customers. Any customer engaging in such behaviour will be promptly addressed by management. If the behaviour persists, employees are encouraged to report it to their supervisor, manager, or Human Resources.

2. **Verbal Abuse and Threats**: Employees should not tolerate verbal abuse, threats, or intimidation from customers. If a customer behaves in a threatening manner, employees should promptly report the incident to their supervisor or manager. The company will take appropriate action to address the situation and ensure the safety of our staff.

3. **Physical Safety**: Employees should not feel threatened or unsafe in the presence of customers. If a customer poses a physical threat, employees should immediately seek assistance from a manager or supervisor, and security measures will be taken to protect the employee.

4. **Refusal of Service**: Framed Opticians reserves the right to refuse service to any customer who engages in discriminatory, harassing, or threatening behaviour toward our employees. Employees should promptly inform their supervisor or manager if they believe a customer's behaviour warrants refusal of service.

Reporting Procedures:

Employees who experience or witness inappropriate behaviour from customers are encouraged to report it promptly to their supervisor, manager, or the designated Human Resources representative. Reports can be made anonymously if desired, and the company will take appropriate steps to address the issue.

Investigation and Consequences:

Framed Opticians will promptly and thoroughly investigate any reported violations of this policy. Depending on the severity and nature of the violation, appropriate action will be taken, which may include refusing service to the customer, involving law enforcement if necessary, and taking measures to protect the well-being of our employees.

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