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FRAMED Spectacle cover

FRAMED Spectacle cover

At FRAMED opticians, we understand that high quality eyewear is an investment.

If you would like to have peace of mind for accidental damage to your glasses, we offer the FRAMED Spectacle cover plan, to protect you from life's little accidents.

For £10 per month, starting from the time of collection, we can cover your new glasses for a period of 12 months, incase the the worst happens and they are broken or damaged. Paid by easy direct debit, the FRAMED spectacle cover plan is not an insurance scheme, and therefor cannot cover loss or theft.

Once you are covered, if your glasses are damaged, simply pop all the bits into us, and we will arrange a repair or replacement.

FRAMED Spectacle Cover Provides

Accidental damage cover to your specified spectacles you purchased. Subject to the terms and conditions, here within, which may vary from time to time without notice. The cover under the scheme is for a fixed 12 month period of time starting on the date of purchase.

Cover is voided should the direct debit collection fail for any reason.

Upon purchase of additional spectacles after the original purchase, and contract start date, if the new spectacles are to be covered by FRAMED Spectacle Cover, the 12 months will recommence, transferring the cover to the new spectacles, starting on the date of purchase of the additional pair, and a new contract will be signed and will supersede the original.

Claims are subject to the plan agreement. The scheme continues until the contract comes to an end (except in the event of termination by FRAMED, as set out in the contract).

FRAMED Spectacle Cover is not an insurance policy, and does not include loss or theft. In order to make a claim, the complete spectacles must be presented within the active 12 months of the contract

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